Research group overview

Various software is utilized in every aspect of life such as smartphones, consumer electronics, automobiles, traffic, shop, finance, education, hospital, and government. Modern software and information systems are the fundamental infrastructure of the society.
    Innovative software based on various ideas will change society and culture. Some examples, which dramatically change how people work, are personal computers, the internet, Google, mobile phone, Facebook, and Moodle.  Recent advancement in online technology, metaverse, blockchain, and generative AI such as ChatGPT has a significant impact on education and research, and society.
    Our laboratory focuses on creating and developing various software and IT services for the future society such as Society 5.0 and Digital Transformation.


Faculty introduction

佐賀大学理工学部 准教授 掛下 哲郎

Associate Professor

Tetsuro Kakeshita


佐賀大学理工学部 講師 大月 美佳

Senior Lecturer

Mika Ohtsuki