Saga University Computer Software Laboratory,Faculty of Science and Engineering Saga University Computer Software Laboratory,Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty Introduction

Associate ProfessorTetsuro Kakeshita

掛下 哲郎

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Saga University

Honjo 1, Saga 840-8502, Japan.
Tel. +81-952-28-8565 Fax. +81-952-28-8650

Born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1962.  Live in Chiba city until secondary school.  Graduated Shuyukan high school in Fukuoka.  Ph.D. degree (Computer Science) from Kyushu University.  Challenge touring around Japan by cycling when he was a university student.  Study at McGill university in Montreal, Canada when he was a Ph.D. candidate.

Research Topics

Visualization and Evaluation of Ability of IT Student and Professionals
  • Analysis of computing curriculum and IT certification
  • Survey and analysis of ability of IT professionals from the viewpoint of industry
  • Survey and analysis of ability of IT students at university
  • Systematic arrangement of information through multi-dimensional classification
  • Privacy protection system considering warelable devices
  • Privacy information management mechanism for the era of GDPR (general data protection rule)
Software Engineering and Education Support Tool
  • Requirements engineering education support tool REMEST
  • Software design support tool Perseus
  • Programming education support tool pgtracer utilizing fill-in-the-blank questions
  • Planning and development of various software tools

Research Contribution

I was working on the theoretical research when I was a student.After obtaining Ph.D. degree, I started research on software engineering and information systems.  Recently, I am working on planning and development of various educational software in order to support computing education at university and K12 programming education utilizing outcomes of my past research.